Men’s Fashion Trends for Spring 2019

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Want to look in top form when the sun shines again? Here are some top trends in men’s fashion set to land in time for Spring 2019.

The Simple Dad Jeans

Denim trends fluctuate greatly, having gone from over-the-top embellishment to bare basics but the style that has come out top is the straight forward dad jean. This is the style that’s going to reign supreme in Spring ’19 and features a straight leg or subtle boot cut in a medium or light wash. They pair of perfectly with a wide range of shirts and jackets, making them highly versatile. Pair up with Mens designer shirts from

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Flash Some Skin

Whilst womenswear is heading towards a more modest style, men’s is travelling in the opposite direction. Catwalks have seen bare chests, shorts, glitter, paint and even nudity with nothing but a trumpet to hide behind! While we don’t recommend that (pretty sure it’s a criminal offence) the message seems to be that flashing a bit of flesh is the way to go for you fellas this Spring.

Tie-Dyed Resurgence

What was once the preserve of hippies has hit the mainstream big time. Tie dyed fabrics have been seen in suits, with many designers choosing to display swirls and patterns in their outfits for 2019.

Plenty of Pockets

Every guy needs a place for his phone, wallet and keys. Space is always at a premium, so make sure you get on board with the pocket trend for next Spring. You’ll discover multi-storage solutions in trousers, jackets and jeans. Better than a bum bag anyway! Built right into the garments, you’ll have plenty of space for your phone, travelcard, passport, body spray, sunglasses, wallet and anything else you can’t leave home without.

Loose, Button-Up Shirts Remain Popular

Last year was all about the Hawaiian but these have now moved aside to make way for a wide variety of patterns on shirts. From camouflage and monograms to tropical designs and stylish squiggles, a little embellishment is the way to go.

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A Whole Lot of Leather

Even though it’s Spring, leather is back, weather be damned. There have been plenty of leather jumpsuits on offer from the top fashion houses, as well as trench-and-trouser sets and vest-and-pant outfits. If you don’t fancy strutting your stuff in head-to-toe snake print leather, you could just stick to the classic leather biker jacket teamed up with jeans, chinos and a stylish designer shirt.

Graphic Knits in Place of Graphic T-Shirts

Gone are the days of the graphic tee and instead we are being offered the statement sweater in knitted varieties with a fun, cartoon spin. Both Snoopy and Bart Simpson have been spotted on the catwalks for the Spring 2019 collection.

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