What are the Benefits of Updating Your School Prospectus?

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Although many schools have moved online in recent years due to Ofsted guidelines, a well presented and informative printed prospectus still plays an important role in a prospective pupil’s school research. It gives them a much more comprehensive window into life at your school and can be handed out at open days, after a meeting with a family or following a school tour.

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The content of a prospectus is very important as it needs to be engaging, clear and authentic. It’s also a chance to stand out from your competition and highlight the things that make you unique. However, as with all school marketing, schools are often nervous about promoting themselves or shy away from the idea of selling their institution and can end up leaving key information out. For help with School Prospectus Design, contact www.fsedesign.co.uk/school-prospectus-design

Prospectuses are often viewed and shared by multiple people so it’s really important that the photography is natural, up to date and includes familiar faces (students, parents and teachers). Many schools opt for a soft-touch cover which is a great way to add a sense of luxury and can be kept as a memento. A well-written introduction by the headteacher is always a good start and will give the prospectus a personality. Adding in quotes and testimonials from parents and pupils shows social proof and can be a powerful selling tool.

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Finally, a digital prospectus allows you to track usage and gain valuable insights on how your prospectus is performing. This means that any unforeseen changes in staffing or curriculum can be quickly updated and any future updates are easily accessible. This is something that would not be possible with a traditional printed prospectus.

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