Eight window types and the homes to which they are most suited

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If you are building a home or replacing your windows, you have a lot of choices in type and style.


Bay windows are a classic in Victorian and Edwardian homes, consisting of one large central pane of glass and two panes on either side at 45-degree angles. They can add floor space to a home and are a popular choice for homeowners looking for windows Stroud.

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Casement windows suit almost any kind of property and can open at almost any angle you choose. They seal shut tightly.

Tilt and turn

Another versatile option, these are similar to casement windows but can open at any angle as standard, whether outward like a door or tilting.


Sash windows consist of two panes on top of each other, with one sliding over the other when opened. They will suit most homes, but especially period properties. Though a period style, you can now get good quality double-glazed sash windows from specialists such as https://www.truhouse.co.uk/double-glazing/windows/stroud/. Double glazing is one alteration that can add value to your home.

Sliding windows

Similar to sash windows, but instead of sliding up or down, these slide sideways. Versatile and suiting most properties, these take up more horizontal space.


These are very pretty windows that protrude from a house on cantilevers and create a round-shaped window, adding light and a panoramic view of the outside.

Roof or skylights

Fantastic for filling a room with light and a great option for loft conversations, these are set into a roof or ceiling, adding vertical light streams.

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Transom or fanlight

This is a pane of glass above a door which normally adds light into hallways.

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