Checking Which Fence is Yours Before you Install New Fencing

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When the time comes to replace your fence, you need to think about the boundary of your property and make sure that you are not putting your fencing in the wrong place. Whether you have had damage to the fence, or it is just something that you want to replace, before you think about the type of fence that you are going to install you need to give some thought to your rights and the boundary of your property.

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The reason why the positioning of the fence is so important is because you don’t want to end up in a dispute with your neighbours because you have encroached onto their property, and you also don’t want to end up losing some of your own land. Generally, the outer face of the fence that you install should run along the boundary, with any fence posts being placed on your own land rather than your neighbour’s land.

A commonly occurring issue is if the fence that is collapsing and needs to be replaced belongs to your neighbour. When this is the case, you are not allowed to make changes to it, as it is not your property, however what you can do is to put up your own fence running alongside it on your own property. You could also use trellis with plants growing up it, or other bushes and shrubs which will hide a fence that looks unsightly.

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When you decide to install a new fence, it is always advisable to speak to your neighbours about it, as this is courteous and can help to avoid any future disputes. Getting a professional like this fencing Gloucester based company to come and do it for you means that you will end up having a well built fence that will be installed to a high standard.

Lots of people are unsure about what fence belongs to them and although there are many myths around about who is responsible for certain fences, the only way to truly know the answer to this is to find the deeds of your property and to check them. This will tell you which fence is yours. It is always best to check this before having a new fence installed, even if you are fairly certain, as it is good to know for definite which fence is your responsibility.

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