Easy ways to use leftover yarn

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Anyone with a penchant for crafts, such as knitting and crocheting, will find they end up with small balls of yarn and thread that have no real use. But if you don’t want the yarn to go to waste, you need to come up with a way to make use of it. Read on for ideas on getting creative with leftover yarn.

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Ribbon replacement

This rustic gift-wrapping idea is perfect for those looking for an eco-friendly solution, but who still want their gifts wrapped with a certain je ne sais quoi. Use single or double lengths of yarn as you would a ribbon, tying them in a bow or simply knotting them on the underside of the gift.

Yarn kumihimo

Forget origami, kumihimo is the ancient Japanese art of braiding threads into items like bracelets. Although this was traditionally done with silk, yarn actually works really well. There are several techniques to learn, but you’ll need a basic kumihimo disc to get started. You can also make handy cords, anklets, necklaces, and even belts.

Make pom-poms

Most of us learned how to make pom-poms at school, and these fun little decorations are a great way to use up old yarn. Even if you have lots of small bits, you can tie them together and still make an excellent multicoloured pom-pom. You can use your collection of pom-poms to add details to other craft projects, to pop on a knitted hat or even to jolly up your gift wrapping further.

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You can, of course, avoid having too much leftover yarn by using crochet kits from Wool Couture. Crochet kits come with the amount of yarn you need, with just a little margin on top.

But for any other knitting or crocheting projects, it’s likely you will end up with some small amounts of yarn afterwards. These ideas are just a few of the ways you can make use of that extra yarn without it going to waste. Why not see if you can come up with some of your own craft ideas?

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