Should a business outsource contract filling?

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Contract filling, sometimes called contract packaging or packing, is a smart option when a business has a product ready to go or fully developed and needs specialised filling equipment and infrastructure to produce high volumes of products.
While in-house filling systems may be a sensible option for smaller producers whose output can support the cost, the expenditure on acquiring and operating equipment to package large volumes of products can escalate production and manufacturing costs, putting pressure on profitability.

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Why outsourcing contract filling might be a good option for your business

Professional and specialised contract filling can rapidly complete filling, usually at a cheaper cost than doing it yourself. Contract fillers can also provide flexibility in terms of containers and can help you choose sustainable options for your packaging.

Using specialist filling services may also provide you with the assurance that comes from having products packaged in a safe and compliant environment by specialists. This is particularly important for producers in highly regulated industries, like food, or chemicals who must comply with the Chemicals Hazard Information and Packaging (CHIP) Regulations. Specialist fillers and packagers like Wyepak or others will know how to handle and package these products safely.

How to choose the right packing and filling company for your business

Contract filling is usually a fixed cost, but before you part ways with large amounts of money, here are some things to consider when choosing a partner:


Ideally, you should work with a company that not only is an established packing business but also holds experience working with businesses in your industry. The insights an experienced company can provide can be invaluable, for example choosing the right packaging to avoid sunlight exposure, or other augmentations that are important for your type of product.

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Specialist packers will have their own general equipment but if you want something specific or bespoke that doesn’t work within those parameters, it may need to be acquired.


It goes for any business, but do they have a good reputation for customer service, and are they reliable?

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