How to get employment through social networks? Pay attention to these five tips

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The Key Talent experts bring us five easy steps that a candidate has to follow to become an attractive option for recruiters seeking social media talent.

There is no doubt that we are experiencing a very positive moment in terms of generating employment in our country. The famous ‘green shoots’ of the economy have finally penetrated the productive fabric and the reduction of the unemployment rate, although in many cases this phenomenon occurs at the cost of low quality contracts and poor working conditions.

In any case, the new digital habits have also been (and are) protagonists of this resurrection of employment. Not in vain, and according to the Job Nation Study, 48% of people use social networks to find work; a figure that continues the ascending line and grows year by year. In the opposite pole, more than 80% of these companies already use social networks to attract talent.

employment through social networks

So … what steps must a candidate follow to become an attractive option for recruiters? The Key Talent, summarizes them in five tips that we reproduce below …

Create a relevant profile

It is essential that the profile be as complete as possible. Recruiters should know at a glance if the candidate fits the position that is offered or not. To do this, it is essential to collect the entire trajectory, the interests, and a smiling and positive photograph and, always escape from the ‘buzzwords’ -words of fashion- or jargon.

Learn to differentiate

There are not thousands, but millions of similar profiles. That is why it is crucial to create one that is capable of telling a different story, one that is memorable. The design here has a very positive impact, in fact, the infographics are an option that fit very well to these requirements, it is a different format, explicit and visual.

Make networking

It is interesting to follow the most ‘relevant’ people in the area where you are looking to develop your professional career. Learn from what they say, the topics they talk about, their agenda, etc. In addition, it must also connect with companies, since many vacancies are published, in the first instance, in their own profiles.


You do not have to be afraid to participate in the conversation, to contribute a point of view -be it similar or different-. Resolving doubts if you know the answers and build authority in what is mastered can put the user in the sights of recruiters.

Patience and perseverance

Finding the job you are looking for is not a matter of one day. You have to have a plan, be patient, work every day to add new details to the profile and wait for the opportunity. However, under no circumstances is it advisable to ‘ask for work’, the candidate must work to be attractive when the opportunity arises.

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