How to Improve Hydraulic Machine Performance

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There are many variables that affect hydraulic machine performance. You can make your system more efficient by replacing the piston pump with a variable-displacement model. Changing hydraulic oil can also increase efficiency. High-Viscosity Oil has many benefits for hydraulic machines. You can also use variable-frequency motor drives to reduce energy costs. Hydraulic actuators are essential to system efficiency.

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First of all, hydraulic systems must be more efficient. Efforts to improve energy efficiency include the elimination of energy-wasting devices such as flow controls, pressure reducing valves, and proportional valves. You must design your circuit to minimise energy consumption even when the machine is idle. To do this, you can use load-sensing control. In addition, you should avoid overloading your hydraulic system with excessive load.

A harmful fluid to hydraulic systems is water. Although most manufacturers recommend testing hydraulic fluid every three to six months, you should perform fluid analysis more often if you want your machine to work at its full capacity. Oil tests should provide information about the fluid’s quality, including its viscosity, free water, and neutralisation. To ensure accuracy, draw a sample while the machine is in use. A periodic sampling of hydraulic oil will help you see if there are any particles or contamination in it.

Pressure is another critical factor affecting the performance of your hydraulic press. Low pressure can lead to slow operation and longer cycle times. This can affect your overall workflow. A lower pressure can also lead to a higher amount of evaporation. If your hydraulic system is not functioning at its maximum capacity, it will be slow to move and will impact the entire production process. If you require a Hydraulic Power Pack, contact

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Maintaining your equipment is an important part of a machine’s lifecycle. If it’s not well maintained, you can’t be sure it will last for long. The best way to make sure your hydraulic press is running at its optimal capacity is to maintain a maintenance schedule based on the data it is collecting. By adjusting maintenance schedules, you can ensure your hydraulic press will continue working at its peak capacity and bring you the payoffs you expect.

Changing the oil filter regularly is essential for your hydraulic press. Overtime, contaminated oil can lead to system failures. You can discover this by sampling the oil periodically. Also, check your pump’s condition regularly, as this is the beating heart of your hydraulic press. Although hydraulic presses are incredibly durable and highly reliable, aging pumps may experience problems. If it doesn’t perform well, the entire system will fail.


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