New to crochet? Try these tips

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Crochet can be a wonderfully productive and soothing craft that also allows you to make a range of distinctive garments and accessories. If you’re concerned that crochet could be challenging to learn, nothing could be further from the truth, and these tips will make learning how to crochet even easier and more fun.

Get organised

Before you start, make sure you have the right tools, in this case, a crochet hook that you enjoy using and some yarn. Being surrounded by tangled yarn doesn’t help anyone’s crochet process, so make sure your yarn is organised and wound into convenient skeins or balls ready to use. It might be a good idea to tie your hair back, remove dangly earrings or big bracelets and possibly put your cat in another room, as felines usually love to play with yarn!

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More people are enjoying crochet now than ever before. It’s a traditional craft that is gaining a new lease of life as celebrities, including Tom Daley, not only take it up but become influencers, according to this report in The Guardian.

Aim for consistency

The aim is for your stitches to have consistency, so you will want to watch the tension of your yarn. Working with balls of yarn may be better than skeins for maintaining the tension you need. As a beginner, you may be experimenting with the weight of the hook you like using, but the hook will affect the consistency of the stitches, so you really want to avoid changing your hook in the middle of a piece.

However, if you want a different look for a particular section, then changing your hook could give you some interesting variety. Don’t be afraid of experimenting. Likewise, yarn of different weights will affect the look of your project. You might find that buying crochet kits is helpful as you begin your crochet journey. Specialist sites such as Wool Couture can enable you to discover crochet kits that can put you on the path to creating stunning garments quickly and easily. As you learn, using different yarns and hooks for different elements of a garment, such as a collar, can help you create some incredible pieces.

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The world of crochet is a creative and exciting one. With a few basic tools and stitches, you can be on your way to producing a wide range of gorgeous items.

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