How to safely store your business information

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Any information that you store in your business needs to be stored safely to help ensure that no data breaches occur. This might mean looking at ways in which you store electronic as well as hard copy data.

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When storing an electronic data you should ensure that these are protected with passwords where necessary, that any employees that work from home or travel with their laptops have their computers password protected and that any databases that you have also have a login system. This is incredibly important to help prevent data being taken in the event of a laptop being lost or stolen. You should also ensure that you only give access to data to those employees that need it to fulfil their jobs.

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If you store data on cds or usb devices and external hard drives you may need to consider ways in which you can have these cleared or destroyed completely.

Hard copy data needs to be stored in locked cabinets and again access should only be given to those who need it. You will also need to regularly clear out these data and remove anything that is out of data or no longer needs to be stored. You can work with a Confidential paper shredding Birmingham company to have any hard copy data taken away in a safe and secure way and then destroyed effectively. This can be done in a number of ways and will depend on the size of business and how much confidential waste you create.

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