Three Helpful Tips to For Your Driving Test

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One of the most stressful things in life for many people is taking a driving test. Driving gives us much more freedom, but to be able to drive safely on the road, we need to pass a test, and this can cause a lot of anxiety.

In the UK, the driving test is taken in two parts – first you will need to pass a theory test, which will ask some questions based on the highway code, as well as testing your perception of potential hazards on the road. This is done on a computer at a designated centre.

Once you have passed this, it is then the time to book your practical test, and this is the one that causes the most nerves for most people – sitting next to the examiner who is watching your every move doesn’t exactly make for a relaxing drive!

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However, if you are well prepared for your practical test, this can reduce the stress that you feel on the day and help you to cope better with it. Here are some good ways that you can prepare yourself for your practical driving test and reduce your stress levels…

Keep up with the Highway Code – Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can leave the Highway code knowledge behind with your theory test. The Highway code is something that you should definitely revise beforehand, and can help you to be aware of all sorts of things that might occur when you are driving, form what chapter 8 markings like these mean, to how to safely drive on a road being used by horse riders.

Familiarise yourself with the Vehicle – Most people use the car that belongs to their driving instructor to take their test as this is the one that they have learned in. Make sure that you are familiar with all of the controls of the car, what does what and where the essentials are. You may be asked to demonstrate your knowledge of this during the show. Tell me part of the test.

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Be Prepared on the Day – The night before your test, have an early night and relax as much as possible – read a book, or have a relaxing bath if this helps. In the morning, get up with plenty of time to spare, and make sure that you have a good breakfast. Also use this time to get in an additional lesson with your instructor and check that you have all that you need ready to go to the test centre.

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