Hazards that can cause problems with your wheels

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When travelling along with the variety of roads that we have in the UK, there are a number of hazards that you can come across that can cause problems with your wheels. These issues can occur with your tyres, the tracking or with the alloys. In some cases, this can lead to you needing to replace your tyres, have your tracking adjusted and to visit an Alloy Repair Gloucester company such as https://www.vertexwheels.co.uk/.

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These hazards can include:

  • Road surfaces – when the surface of a road becomes damaged, it can lead to issues occurring with your tyres. This can include damage to the tread that, over time, will lead to uneven wearing of your tyres as well as more severe damage. Potholes are areas of the road surface that have eroded away and left a hole. If you catch your wheels in these holes at speed, you can find that damage occurs to the tyre and to the alloys.

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  • Grit – whilst grit is designed to give you a better surface for your vehicle to adhere to when the road is icy, it can also cause issues with your car. With regards to your wheels, the grit can cause damage to the hubs of your wheels. This can rust over time, and it is important to ensure that you clean the grit from around your wheels on a regular basis.
  • Animals – when animals run out into the road, it can be difficult to swerve and miss them. Larger animals can cause damage to occur, and in relation to your wheels, this can be blown tyres and alloys that are dented and cracked.

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