Why wood is preferred as a construction material?

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Wood has been used a construction material for hundreds of years. Whether this is using it for building the structure of houses and other buildings or a Bespoke Oak Carport which you can see at bespoaktimberframes.co.uk/ as well as a preferred choice of a variety of furniture items.

There are many reasons why wood makes such a good building and construction material.

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Wood is a relatively lightweight material to work with, but it is incredibly strong. It is thought to actually be stronger than steel in terms of its self-support length. This is why it is still often used in the construction of buildings and in particular the roof areas. It essentially supports its own weight much better than any man-made product or metal. This means that in building design fewer pieces and wooden supports are needed than would be needed in metal for the same surface area.

Resistance and absorption

Wood is a substance that natural does not conduct electricity (when it is dry) which makes it perfect for a construction material, particularly around electrical appliances and is one of the reasons why television cabinets and boiler encasings are made from wood. It also has the perfect qualities for absorbing sound which is why it is often used in sound-proofing rooms. The wood essentially absorbs the sound meaning that it is not reflected or directed in another way to elsewhere in a room.

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Wood is also chosen, particularly for decorative items such as doors and furniture, due to its natural beauty and the unique look of each piece of wood that is created. Each trees wood has a look that is specific to that individual tree and each piece that is cut from it will also be unique as may contain grains and knot holes in a variety of different areas and directions.


Wood has to be carefully managed as a resource to help prevent deforestation of large areas of the planet. This is one of the reasons that alternative materials have been sourced. However, with proper management wood is a great material as it can be grown and through careful planting and the selection of trees to be cut down through forestry management it is a resource that can be replenished. The forests require very little resources to grow as the plants use natural resources such as e sun and water to mature and whilst they are doing so, they help to purify the air that we breath as they absorb carbon dioxide and other gases from the air.



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