What is Vehicle Fleet Management

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Vehicle Fleet Management is a branch of commercial vehicles that enables you to manage your fleet of commercial vehicles based on optimum utilisation of driver and vehicle characteristics. It helps in maximisation of productivity, improves customer satisfaction and keeps overall operational cost down. It also enables efficient delivery of goods and services to both customers and clients. This reduces the total cost of ownership for a company. The best thing about Fleet Management is that it helps you to save on the operation and administration costs while maintaining a high level of productivity, performance and commitment to customer care.

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Vehicle Fleet Management Gloucestershire companies like MPH Vehicle Solutions includes a variety of strategies for managing vehicle fleets including driver scheduling, vehicle tracking, VIN reporting, driver education and development, vehicle telematics and real-time inventory management. Vehicle fleet software can greatly assist in reducing logistics costs by automating many of the business processes associated with keeping an eye on vehicle availability and usage. By providing real-time data about vehicle availability, vehicle use and driver behavior, fleet managers can make informed decisions about vehicle purchases, servicing, distribution and advertising.

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Vehicle management solutions are designed for large, medium and even small businesses with an aim to improve overall fleet productivity, efficiency and operational cost control. The key benefits of such management solutions include: reduced costs, greater flexibility, greater control, improved customer service and reduction in fuel consumption. Some of the software systems available today can manage four or more vehicle fleets in parallel and some offer support for up to 100 vehicle fleets. Fleet management solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual companies and are designed to be flexible, requiring little customisation.


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