What is Employment Law in the UK?

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Employment Law covers all areas of employment and the interaction between employers and employees. The law also covers what an employer expects of their employees and what employees deserve from their employers. It also governs employees’ rights at work. There are many other types of laws which affect employment such as unfair dismissal, discrimination at work, occupational health and safety and maternity leave.

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Employment Solicitors like the ones from Employment Law Friend will work with both businesses and individuals to ensure that the letter of the law with regards to employment is followed. They may take on cases where an employee feels they have been unjustly treated as s result of their gender, sex or perhpas as a part of redundancy hearing. It could also be a parent who feels they have been looked over for a promotion or other issue as a result of maternity or paternity leave.

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They can also help to represent an employee if they feel that they have a case for constructive dismissal as a result of the way they have been treated in their job, forcing them to make no other choice but to leave their job. An employment solicitor will be able to assess the situation that the employee finds themselves in and whether they have a case that the employer needs to answer to. This could then be discussed in arbitration or in a full blown case in court.

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