Travelling safely with your dog in the car

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We have all seen dogs travelling in a car with their heads out of the window enjoying the breeze in their face but there are in fact safer ways to travel with your dog in the car.  Regardless of whether you are travelling away for the weekend, taking a trip to the vets or to a Dog Day Care Surrey for, you should ensure that your dog is safely and comfortably seated in the vehicle. If your dog is deemed to be distracting you as a driver, you can find yourself on the sharp end of a fine and maybe even points on your licence.

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There are a number of things you can do to make your journeys much more comfortable for both yourself and your dog. Here are some ideas for you.

  • Before you set off on any journey you should make sure that your dog has been fed and has been to the toilet as you don’t want to be having to stop too many times on the way.
  • Scheduling stops along the way is a good idea for both yourself and your dog so that you can both stretch your legs and your dog can attend to their toilet needs.
  • When travelling on a hot day you should make sure that your car is well ventilated but not with a window open so far that your dog is tempted to stick their head outside. When travelling in cold weather you should make sure that your dog has a blanket with them to help keep them warm in the car.
  • When your dog is happy to sit on one of the seats or in an open boot area you can use a harness that clips onto the existing seat belt by the seat to, in a comfortable way, prevent them from jumping around in the back of the car and distract you as a driver.
  • Car crates are another option which you can use along with a mattress and some blankets for your dog to lie in once again either in an open boot area or the back seats. These crates are particularly useful for dogs how are anxious whilst travelling in as they can lie down with their favourite blanket and feel more enclosed and then in turn safe for the journey.

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If you are on a long journey, make sure that you take plenty of water and snacks for your dog as well as giving them plenty of opportunity to exercise their legs.

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