Top Mobile Development Apps for 2019

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The trends for mobile application development have certainly come a long way since the first-ever iPhone got introduced in 2007, and the subsequent evolution of Android devices since then. Between 9 versions of Androids with dessert themes and 12 versions of the iOS have come many technologies and trends which left their mark. 2019 sees similar changes in the world of mobile app development occurring, and it looks like the competition in this industry is just heating up!

Progressive Web and Instant Apps 

Progressive Web software programmes are those which perform in a very similar way to a complete mobile application, except that you do not have to separately install it on to your device. They can be kept locally, on the home screen, but accessed directly from a web browser. Their development is looking likely to boom in the next year or so, thanks to the huge potential they provide for businesses which cater to smartphone users in general, but especially those in developing markets. 

The introduction of Android Instant apps has created a brand-new way for companies and developers to market their products to potential customers. They allow you to try out a demo version of the app directly through a link. You don’t have to install anything, and then uninstall if you don’t like it, which is great, and they work wonderfully for games as well as applications. Who knows? This time next year, you may be able to enjoy your favourite online pokies by means of them!

The Internet of Things 

With more connected devices on networks becoming a reality, the need for simple applications in order to maintain the synchronisation between them will increase. This will push companies who develop apps to create more innovative solutions that make the best possible use of the controller device, or smartphone.

The Rise of Augmented Reality 

The development of Augmented Reality apps has enjoyed astounding growth over the course of the last 12 months. What began with the unmitigated success of the wildly popular Pokemon Go game has resulted in a whole new realm of productive possibilities being created. Both the Android and iOS platforms are supporting app development for AR, too, so they are also on the hunt to find the best way to integrate it into their smartphones.

At its annual developers conference for the Internet of Things, Google revealed the potential of its Maps application being used in conjunction with AR, showing how virtual objects and smart graphics can be brought in to the real world in order to guide users to the locations they’re looking for.

Augmented Reality has seen some amazing use cases in the last year, ranging from relatively lame filters on Snapchat, to people taking selfies with Iron Man on Pixel 3 devices, to some very useful implementation in the form of Ikea Place, which allows you to pace furniture virtually inside your home so that you can find the perfect item with ease. 2019 may finally be the year in which we start using our camera phones for more than just selfies, thanks to AR becoming more widely available.

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