Three Things to Expect from an Emergency Boarding-up Service

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Most of us thankfully will never have to resort to boarding up a home or a property. In the unlikely event that you are faced with this eventuality, there are one or two things that that you can expect from the experience. In most cases the need to board up a property is an emergency measure and the quickest and best course of action before permanent repairs are made. Boarding up a property sends out a very clear message that the place is not just safe but secure too.

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Finding the Glazier

Your first task will be to identify a reliable glazier or builder to carry out the work. Depending on where you live, in London, Liverpool or Leicester emergency glaziers will be able to quickly protect your property. Your insurance provider is the best place to start when you are looking for a reliable contractor, as they are likely to have a preferred firm who can carry out the work.

Speed is of the essence when a building is vulnerable. One broken window is often seen as an invitation to the unscrupulous, so the sooner you act the better. Costs can vary considerably, as can the quality of materials used. There is little point in using poor-quality materials when protecting a valuable asset such as a home or business.

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Fitting Screens

There are two main types of screen to choose from: either steel or timber. Steel is usually used when the property is going to remain closed for an extended period of time and is likely to be more expensive than a wooden screen. Steel screens will also need to be ordered to fit all of the doors and windows, and in an emergency the quickest option will be to use timber.

A glazier such as will be able to fit timber screens quickly and easily. There are a number of advantages to boarding up a property after a calamity such as a fire, a flood or storm damage. A damaged property invariably attracts thieves and vandals, and by boarding up the place you can be sure that no additional expense is incurred.

Peace of Mind

Now that you have a robust barrier protecting the property, you can relax in the knowledge that everything is safe and battened down for the night.

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