Things to consider when choosing home office decor

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Whether you’re working from home or have just been given the go ahead to decorate and furnish your new office, you’ll no doubt be excited but probably a little overwhelmed too. There is a whole world of choice, in stores and online, so where do you start? Here are some tips to consider before you start shopping.

The most expensive isn’t necessarily the best

If you’ve always dreamed of designer furniture but don’t have the bank balance to support such dreams, never fear! You don’t need to break the bank to get what you want. Whether you choose to buy a second-hand vintage piece as a doer-upper, or you decide to go for a designer lookalike, you can have luxury with the price tag. For example, why not consider an Eames office Chair Replica? Get your very own Eames office Chair Replica at Pash Classics.

Beware of clutter

When you’re surrounded by clutter, your productivity and focus can take a nosedive. You can never quite push it out of your head, and it will nag away at you. When buying furniture and accessories for your office, keep in mind items that will serve a purpose and represent both form and function. Whilst it’s easy to get excited over desks and executive chairs, don’t forget the folders, bins, shelves and cabinets you will need.


It’s important to get this right so you don’t end up with eye strain. Lighting is often overlooked, but it’s one of the most important aspects of office design. If possible, let in lots of natural light with adjustable blinds. If your room is windowless, no problem – invest in a floor lamp with three-way bulbs for great task lighting with flexibility. Alternatively, overhead or track lighting takes up no floor space.

Pick a colour

Colour is important as it affects our moods and feelings. You might have a favourite colour, but it might not be suitable for every wall of your work space, especially if it’s bright or deep. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one colour either. You could choose a dash of your favourite colour combined with a calm tone, like blue or light grey for the main colour. This is a matter of personal taste, but just remember you need to work in this space and don’t want it to give you a headache!

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Minimalist is best

As mentioned earlier, a work space should be as clutter-free as possible and this includes the furniture too. The less fuss in terms of décor and accessories, the better. Too many knick-knacks or pictures will only serve as a distraction. The perfect balance is to achieve a décor that is pleasing aesthetically and highly functional. Add in some detail with small items, such as some fabulous book ends on a shelf or a beautiful pen set.

Don’t forget the floor

So, you’ve picked out your favourite furniture and chosen the colour scheme, but you’re not quite done yet. The feel of a room can really be changed by the choice of flooring, so this is an important decision too. A hardwood will feel totally different to a carpeted floor and if you want hardwood, you can soften it with some warm rugs for added texture.





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