The worst Highwayman in the world. Or the best, it depends.

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You will have heard of Dick Turpin and Jon “Swift Nick” Nevison but there is another famous dandy highway man that was extremely successful to some degree in what he was trying to do. I’m speaking about the great Dennis Moore and although that is hardly a name to strike fear into the hearts of his victims, he was a very able to rob the rich and give to the poor as long as the poor were happy to except lupins. This great highwayman was brought into focus by the great documentary film team of Monty Python. They faithfully recreated some of Moore’s greatest feats as we shall see. If only the rich stagecoach users had had access to the Same day courier Slough company at link  then they may have escaped the scourge of Dennis Moore, the best or worst Highway man ever.

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The sequence starts with our (anti) hero emerging from the trees on his mighty brown steed Concorde. He shoots a man as a warning then orders the driver and occupants to “Stand and Deliver” so far so good. He then asks for his “fine friends” to give over their valuables or else he will shoot again! He also points put that although he has two pistols, he has just fired one of them so he only actually has one left and it takes ages to load a flint lock pistol and they are not the most accurate things anyway. Dennis is at great pains to say that he is a very good shot and that “7 times out of 10, I could hit that tree over there”. The occupants including a Parson aren’t sure exactly which tree Dennis is on about so there is some debate as to which one it is. Dennis has had enough of this and gets on with the business in hand. He demands that the gentry hand over their most prized possessions, lupins! They even give up the hidden ones on the coach and then Dennis is off to the poor family Jenkins with his stolen loot.

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When he gets to the Jenkins they are in desperate need of food, money and things they can sell. They are in no need of any more lupins and Mr Jenkins decides to express this anger quite vociferously at a clearly shaken Dennis. All you bring us is Lupins! We sleep on lupins! We wear Lupins, we even eat Lupins! Yesterday I had boiled lupin with a side of mashed lupin in a lupin sauce. I’m sick to bloody death of the things!” A very apologetic Dennis asks what it is he should be stealing. “Food! Money, stuff we can sell” shouts Mr Jenkins. “So, no lupins, hang on I’ll make a list…” replies a newly focused Dennis Moore.

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