The many types of flooring

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Look at your businesses floor. Just look at it. What kind of state is it in right now? If you’re like me you’ll have a rather busy lifestyle that doesn’t lend itself well to the care and maintenance of carpets etc. So, what are the options that are available to you in terms of replacement or even a different type of flooring altogether. Whatever the needs you have, a trip to Commercial Contract Flooring Gloucestershire company is a good idea as they are more than capable of helping you out replace it or choose something new, they’ll supply it all. What is out there for you to choose.

  1. Carpet. Yes, it’s a perfectly good standby and is by far the most popular form of floor covering in the country. It’s quite a defining art required to match up a decent carpet with the existing room decoration or theme but it can be done. Carpet technology has also come along way from simple wool weave. You can now have everything Scotch guarded meaning that it will be impervious to stains from most substances, even Red wine. It’s warm and comfy but there is an old adage that you only get what you pay for.

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  1. Wood flooring. There is very little that is more pleasing to the eye then a well laid out wood floor. It might be a simple set of planks laid down and nicely arranged or even a beautifully inlaid set of appointed squares or parquet as it is properly known. As we find our island becoming warmer due to climate change this represents a more cooler alternative that we might all have to consider at some point.
  2. Vinyl and Linoleum flooring. Very useful for keeping an area clean, especially if it gets a lot of foot fall from visitors or you have very messy inhabitants that drop everything on the floor. Vinyl also offers a huge amount of options in terms of colour and style be it by the sheet or by tile.

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  1. Ceramic tile. You will have probably seen this on the continent mainly around the Mediterranean. As it gets hot there, even in the winter time,  carpet is not really an option  as the last thing that you want to do is retain the heat in the house or villa.
  2. Stone Mosaic. It might not be much of an option now but back in the day, and by that I mean Roman times, this was what all the posh people had, so not that many. This is small cubes of stone set into patterns and pictures.

Whatever you choose it will be surely perfect.

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