The effects of different genres of music on the body

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Different genres of music can have completely different effects on the mind and body, so depending on how you want to feel, you should switch up your music choices. Here are some examples:


Jazz is perfect for relaxing you, both mind and body. Music considered downtempo, so with approximately 60 beats per minute helps to synch up your brain with the same tempo and create alpha brain waves. These are the brain waves that are present when we are awake but in a relaxed state. Both jazz and nature sounds have this soothing effect on us.

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Heavy Metal

Whilst not so great for relaxing, metal is great for providing a strong sense of self. A recent study found that those who were heavy metal fans in their younger years had a strong sense of identity, were more involved in community projects and less likely to feel they had regrets. What more reason do you need to rock on!


Incredibly, listening to classical music has been shown to deter or stop crime. London trains stations have trialled playing classical music in the past and over the course of 18 months found crimes like vandalism, assaults on staff and robberies were all down. Scientists believe the effect of classical music is so calming that it seems to stop criminals in their tracks. Other theories suggest that the presence of the music gives a greater sense of community, making an area looked cared for and that someone may be watching.


Energy-boosting pop helps to give you better endurance. Especially for people doing exercise or training, listening to pop music can help give you that extra push during your workout. Rock and pop have been proven to enhance physical performance. It is thought the upbeat genre might act as a distraction, allowing your body to do more than you might otherwise have done. This could be why pop is a popular choice for In store Music. For more information, visit

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Listening to rap music can help in the battle against depression. Many songs in this genre tell stories of fighting against adversity and beating the odds. These positive narratives can help people with depression or stress to feel more positivity in their own struggles. It can help to provide a mental image of where they want to be and provides progress towards that end goal.

Next time you feel like listening to some tunes, why not try something new and change the way you feel? Just because you disliked something in the past, it doesn’t hurt to give it another try – you might be pleasantly surprised by what you discover!


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