Some truly famous Doors.

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What is it about Doors? They are used in films and theatre to hide jump scares or to announce the coming of a new character or they can convey a sense of excitement as you know that going through them can lead to a whole new world of opportunity or they can fill you with dread as you might not want to enter where they are guarding. Regardless we need them, and a Tring Garage Door Installation company can really make all the difference. If you’re thinking about getting some new doors for the garage, then why not pop along to and then come back and have a look at some of the most famous and memorable doors that have ever existed.

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Let’s look at some fantasy doors first. One of the most famous is a big round full moon door painted green that belonged to a famous Hobbit how lived at Bag End. It is. Of course, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. The door features in the first scene of the book as it is here that we first meet the charming Bilbo and the mercurial Gandalf. In fact, the door plays a centre part in the story as Gandalf scratches the runes and notes that a burglar lives there and is looking for employment. Staying with Middle Earth, the next set of doors that are famous in fantasy is the entrance to the mines of Moria. Here the Fellowship rest whilst Gandalf attempts to figure out with Gimli how to open the doors before they are attacked by a monster that lurks in the gloom pool next to it. The code to get in is simple. You must speak friend or “Beloc” as it is in Elvish. The door lights up revealing itself and the friends rush inside to relatively safety at least for now.

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The next set of doors that feature strong has to be the doors leading into the Great Hall at Hogwarts School for Witch Craft and Wizardry. This takes you into the dining area and the long tables laid out in the school’s houses. The doors are huge and imposing setting the scene for a magnificent set and the amazing and momentous events that happen inside.

Finally, we finish on a much more mundane but nevertheless still very famous door. This is the residence of the apartment of Geller/Green. It would be fair to say that this door has seen its fair share of laughs and drama including Rachel, Joey and Chandler eating cheese cake of the floor, the engagement of Chandler and Monica. It’s been slammed, kicked and memorably smashed to pieces but it still keeps coming back and can truly say it’s been there for them.

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