Protecting your van

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If you are the owner of a shiny new van, then you will want to know the best way to stay safe from damage and theft and keep it safe on the roads. A van is a solid investment in your business and as a form of transportation and carriage for your trading tools, this is a major part of your livelihood and needs. Let’s look at some ways you can help protect it.

If you have ever had a van that was broken into, you know it was an unpleasant experience and you might worry that it will happen again because thieves are targeting vehicles that they think might be carrying expensive equipment. You will know that it is best to remove equipment overnight, but this is not always possible. If you go to work and stay at a hotel, it’s not always convenient to bring everything to your room at night. You can find yourself working in a remote area and feel your van is an easy target even during the day.

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An additional lock on the outside is an option and slamlocks provide an extra layer of security when you close the door. They might be enough to prevent anyone from going to your vehicle during the daytime. Deadlocks require a little effort to lock separately when you close the door but will offer great security because they are very difficult to break. If you routinely find yourself working in a high-risk area, then this might be a good choice for you.

Also ensure you have the right reflective livery on your van, especially if you carry out any form of road maintenance or regular park on main roads. For more information on Chapter 8 Chevrons, visit VehicleChevrons.

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If you are worried that your van has been stolen, then you can consider a vehicle tracking device. This is a very effective way to be able to monitor the position of your vehicle at that time or to build a history of where the vehicle is located. They use GPS technology and some also use cellular or radio transmissions. You will want to give yourself every opportunity to recover your things.

Vehicle storage boxes are available and act like safe tools. Built from strong metal with a locking mechanism and some will even charge your electric appliance when locked inside. Storage boxes can be installed or welded to the inside of the van to increase security against theft.

Make sure you don’t park your van on dark roads that are closed and stay on a bright and busy street so as not to give potential thieves an easy ride. If possible, when working, try to keep the van in front of your eyes so that you can be warned of anyone suspicious nearby.

Setting up a bulkhead is a good idea because it will not only protect you from all your equipment in the event of an accident but will also prevent thieves trying to access the back of your van from the front cabin. This is just a metal plate mounted between the front seat and the cargo section behind the van.

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