Half of Britain’s travellers are concerned about Covid

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Somewhere in between the New Year and now, the world changed. All of a sudden, we lost our freedom of movement and, as such, many of us became isolated in our own homes. Yet, with restrictions lifted, why are so many people still concerned to make travel plans?

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Who is travelling?

At present, UK citizens are permitted to travel around the UK and even abroad if they so wish, however, restrictions have been put in place for those returning from certain European and non-European countries, meaning that they must remain in quarantine for 14 days upon their return. So who is taking the risk to travel in these uncertain times?

Well, while many people must resume travel for work purposes, non-essential travel is also allowed so we are seeing many fed up Brits taking to the airports and jetting off somewhere.

As it stands, the countries from which the rule applies are Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Andorra, Bahamas, France, Netherlands, Malta, Monaco, Turks & Caicos, Aruba, Croatia, Austria, Trinidad and Tobago, Czech Republic, Jamaica and Switzerland.

What are travellers’ concerns?

According to a recent survey by Air Doctor, half of the people travelling are scared of being exposed to Covid-19 whilst at the airport or during flight. Following that, the next biggest concern was being caught up in quarantine laws abroad, with 22% of people citing this, and then the fear of having to quarantine on their return home was on 15% of the peoples’ minds.

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Why else might people fear travel?

Therefore, a large number of people have reservations about catching a flight because they are scared of catching the Coronavirus, with fewer people worried about quarantine. However, for many healthy people, these ultimately mean the same thing – that they’ll be unable to go back to work. Some employees may be presented with the possibility of working from home in their https://www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/office-chairs/draughtsman-chairs/ and still getting paid. But what if you simply cannot afford to not return to work and don’t have a job in which you can work from home in your draughtsman chair?

While there are certainly pros to people staying at home and not risking travel at these uncertain times, there are also many cons that come with abandoning airlines and tourist attractions, not to mention the effect that staying put indefinitely can have on us mentally.

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