Don’t Neglect Your Floors When showing round prospective buyers

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We have become a nation of amateur interior designers in recent years, prompted in part by the stagnation in the housing market. People who don’t consider the floors fall into the amateur category. When the prospects of moving on seem just a distant dream to some, then we must try to make the best of what we already have, hence the boom in DIY and home improvements. If you do sort your floor out as well as other areas of the house, then you may find yourself with a buyer much sooner. Once you have got to that point you will need to go through a legal process that involves a conveyancer and getting a house surveyed. So, if you were to buy one of these well designed houses with new floors you would need to go through this process. The survey is to ensure that the house has been properly analysed for any potential issues. If you’re at the stage where you need a survey done then you may wish to consider using a home buyers survey London company, such as    Most of us understand the difference that a new coat of paint, fresh wallpaper and new furniture can make to the look and feel of our homes, but make sure you don’t forget your floor covering in the process.

Flooring trends

Fashions come and go with flooring just as with other elements such as paint colours and fabrics. In recent years there has been huge growth in the market for wooden flooring, laminates and tiled floors, all of which offer a practical surface which is easy to keep clean. According to the World Floor Covering Association the current trend is for richer, darker woods in natural tones that highlight the natural beauty of the wood.

Meanwhile House and Garden highlights the current obsession with patterned floor coverings, whether through highly stylised parquet designs or richly patterned carpets.

Clearly just about anything goes when it comes to flooring and it comes down to personal taste. It is important to bear in mind, however, that flooring tends to be an expensive outlay, so there is a real need to do your homework carefully, as you will have to live with the results for several years in order to reap the economic benefits. Mistakes can be costly, so try to ensure that you are absolutely certain before you finalise your purchase.

Practical and stylish flooring solutions

Wall to wall carpets have gone out of favour in recent times, partly due to the initial costs but also because of the maintenance required to keep them looking pristine. Regular vacuuming, spot stain treatments and expensive carpet cleaning treatments have led many people to source a more easily maintained flooring solution.

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Wooden flooring and other ‘hard’ options such as vinyl, lino and tiles are easy to keep clean. Mud, dirt, pet hairs and spillages can be dealt with quickly and easily, usually without requiring specialist cleaning products. While this has proven to be a huge selling point with members of the public, there are also downsides. Cold underfoot in the winter months, hard flooring also creates noise and can lead to an echoing effect in rooms in which it is used.

The answer is to invest in some rugs. Adding runners, mats and feature rugs to a hard floor instantly adds colour, texture, warmth and interest. Available in a huge choice of sizes, styles, colours and fabrics, rugs allow you to ring the changes at minimal cost, altering the mood, look and feel of a room at very little cost.

Rugs are easy to maintain clean, requiring a quick vacuum, brush or even a shake outdoors to revive and refresh them. If spillages occur it is far simpler to replace a single rug than an entire carpet, making it a cost-effective solution to your flooring needs.

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