Developing Healthier Eating Habits In Your Senior Years

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When you start to age, you find that basic tasks aren’t as easy as they once were for you. While seniors might have found it easy to make the trip to the supermarket or farmer’s market each week when they were younger, it’s harder to keep up with healthy eating habits as you grow older. Even if seniors live in a bustling city with plenty of public transportation, it’s harder for even the most independent seniors to get back and forth from the store and cook a meal independently. If you don’t use Superior Senior Care In Columbus OH, it’s hard to know whether or not your senior is getting enough vital nutrients in their diet. Seniors are at a higher risk of disease and infection, so having a healthy diet is key to staying strong and well. If you want your senior to practice better eating habits, here are some tips.

Garden or Join a Farm Share

If you’re a senior who’s fairly active, or you know an older person who likes to be outside communing with nature, getting a plot in a community garden or even joining a farm share program is a great way to encourage healthy eating, social activity, and exercise all in one. In a lot of communities, you can find a nearby garden and rent a plot to grow your own food. While farming is unexpectedly hard work, it’s extremely rewarding, and seniors can take advantage of the opportunity to get to know people in the neighborhood, chat about gardening, and build connections. Seniors need to engage with the world and with other people, which is why it’s helpful for them to join a retirement community or engage with a social hobby. Gardening can be the perfect way to help a senior get out there and feel good about themselves. Plus, there’s nothing more rewarding than eating the healthy produce that you’ve grown yourself.

Easy, Healthy Meals

Many seniors don’t want to spend too much time worrying about food. As we age, we’re also more likely to develop limited diets due to health concerns. But making healthy food doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to take forever. There are millions of blogs, cookbooks, and online resources that cater to specific diets, styles of eating, and restrictions. There are also tons of recipes for people who either don’t have the time or don’t have the interest, in cooking complicated meals. All it takes to eat healthy is a good balance of vegetables, proteins, and grains. That leaves a lot of room for improvisation. Cooking quick meals can also be a good way for seniors to unwind at the end of the day.

Get Fresh Delivery

Wherever you live, there are now tons of services that will deliver fresh produce or freshly-prepared, low-calorie meals to your home. If you’re a senior, this is amazing news. If you don’t cook, you don’t have to rely on greasy takeout food anymore for basic sustenance. If you’re someone who can’t drive or leave the house without assistance, this is a great way to eat well. Whether you use a program like meals on wheels or something like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, which gives you a customized weekly box full of easy-prep meals, you’ll be able to eat healthy without doing any of the hard work. This is excellent for seniors with limited mobility, highly restrictive diets, and a reduced ability to cook. These meal boxes always come with rotating selections and are freshly-sourced so that seniors don’t have to worry about eating tons of processed food every night.

Drink Smoothies

What if a senior hates cooking and has absolutely no tolerance for it? For seniors who either won’t or can’t cook and don’t want the expense or hassle of getting a weekly meal service delivery, there’s another easy way to get in the right amount of greens, vitamins, and proteins. Mixing up a smoothie has never been easier thanks to the help of tools like bullet blenders. If a senior doesn’t want to go to the trouble of chopping up fruits and veggies each morning, no problem. There are smoothie delivery services available that will ship pre-cut, pre-packaged smoothies just about anywhere. Each cup is packed with seeds, vitamins, and crucial nutrients that will help seniors age in a healthier way. Smoothies are also a fantastic way to get things like pills and protein powders down without a struggle. Popping everything in the blender makes for nutritious mini-meals that are high in fresh produce and easy on the digestive system.


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