Cosmetics and masks with activated charcoal, the advantages of having them in beauty

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Activated charcoal for cosmetics and masks, this is how this substance takes care of our skin. An ally to always keep in the beauty, the charcoal purifies without attacking the skin.

For years we have been trying to make cosmetic and make-up products more and more natural to avoid allergies and skin problems. As far as makeup is concerned, mineral make-up, based on organic and natural powders, is becoming increasingly important, but it is useless to apply the makeup without silicones, parabens and other harmful ingredients if you use creams and masks that instead contain it! Passionate about DIY beauty recipes know that the best skin care products are already at home, like honey, a true beauty ally. Another ingredient that is within everyone’s reach and which has many virtues for the whole organism is charcoal, known for its beneficial properties at the intestinal level and increasingly used for the preparation of charcoal masks and cosmetics: let’s find out more!

Plant Charcoal: Beneficial Properties

The charcoal is obtained from particular woods (birch, willow and poplar mainly) and from the shells of dried fruit; the most porous and best quality activated charcoal is obtained from coconut shells and bamboo. The anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties of activated carbon are perfect for those with oily or mixed skin, with impurities such as blackheads and pimples. Being a natural product, it does not create allergies or irritations, so it can be applied directly to inflamed skin without risk. Activated carbon is a key ingredient in new anti-sebum creams because it regulates its production without drying up the skin. It took the place of clay in purifying masks because it is more delicate and suitable for sensitive areas.

Activated Charcoal: Purifying Masks, Make Up and Sponges

As mentioned, the purifying activated charcoal masks are very delicate, they can remove impurities and “dry out” the pimples in a few hours. To prepare it at home, just buy active carbon powder or crumble the tablets normally sold in supermarkets, the same used to alleviate digestive problems (always check that they do not contain other ingredients, in this case!) And add a few drops of water, until to create a cream to spread on the face for 15-30 minutes (depending on your skin). If you have only one pimple, prepare a activated charcoal and water and apply it on the pimple for half an hour: it will improve visibly!

Add it to honey for a gentle and soothing facial and body scrub. On the market there are also some activated charcoal sponges that can be passed on the face and on the body after having wetted them with hot water and squeezed; these sponges, used alone or with a mild detergent, remove sebum, impurities and dead cells. Activated charcoal has the power to illuminate the skin, including those smokers, thanks to its anti-pollution action. Powdered charcoal can be used to darken eyeshadows, eyeliner, pencils, blushes and other tricks that seem too light.

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