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According to the Guinness Book of Records Strictly Come Dancing is the most successful reality tv show ever. That’s got to be bad news for Big Brother, Love Island (although it has got to be catching up) and the X Factor especially as they would consider themselves bigger and better. Well there not and the viewing figures do not lie. This little piece of Saturday Night filer fluff before Casualty has ballooned into a massive winner for the BBC beyond anything it could have dreamed. Its become and essential part of TV viewing even managing to stay an event in in these days of iPlayer and catch up. It has slowly and carefully swamped its ITV rival the X Factor so much so that the independent corporation seem to be considering canning it. This is why if your tv is on the blink then a TV Aerial Installation Swansea company like can make sure that you get all that Strictly goodness from September up till Christmas.

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There are a few things that you might find surprising about Strictly Come Dancing. It is based on one of the longest running shows on Television starting as far back as 1949 when hardly anyone had a television to watch it. Ballroom and Latin dancing were extremely popular pastimes that most young people would spend their time doing on a Saturday night. It was the social event and so a show featuring the stars of the circuit seemed to make sense. It made sense for the next 49 years ending in 1998. It had been a Saturday night staple but was by then languishing in a very late-night Wednesday slot. It was seriously uncool and through of as deeply boring.

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Then along comes a little low but incredibly popular Australian film called Strictly Ballroom that came out in 1992. It was a great fictional expose of the world of dancing and so when the BBC came up with the concept, they put the Strictly bit in so that people would make the connection. It worked despite the rather cheap looking set in 2004 it soon became clear that sight of minor celebrities failing miserably or at least looking slightly competent with a professional dancer (who are to man and woman gorgeous) as they are thrown around the dance floor. To be fair though it did have TV royalty in the shape of Sir Bruce Forsyth, who only got the gig after the show’s producers saw him skilfully see his way through an episode of Have I got News for you. In the waiting room was professional clothes horse Tess Daly who has now stepped up to present. Its not stopping any time soon.

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