Skills your receptionist needs to have

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Reception staff are incredibly important to any business. They are the people who greet visitors and suppliers as well as being the ones that build up relationships with the Same Day Courier like, that brings parcels to your building and any other regular suppliers and visitors.

There are a number of key skills that you will want to ensure that your reception staff have.

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Customer service – all receptionists will need to have good customer service skills as they are the ones who are the face of the business. They will be representing the business whenever they speak to anyone face to face on the telephones. Depending on what type of business you run you may need them to be wearing a branded uniform and greeting visitors with a specific greeting.

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Patience – reception areas can be very busy places and they can also be the location where some difficult conversations take place if customers are not happy. In order to be able to cope with this it is incredibly important that they are patient and can help to diffuse any aggravated situations that might arise.

Multi-tasking – with the differing needs of visitors and the selection of tasks a receptionist is asked to undertake, it is important that they are able to multitask. This could mean being able to break away from any work they are doing in order to answer the telephone or greet a visitor at the reception desk.

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