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Who is Ralph Lauren? The answer might surprise you. A quick look at his background, and the man behind the most popular fashion houses in the world will give you a better understanding of the question. Ralph Lauren is a name that you may not have heard before, but is a household name to the vast majority of people.

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Where does this famous designer get his start? Ralph Lauren was born in Hempstead, New York and grew up attending nearby Riker’s Old State Park. Here, people would often go on picnics on the beach and spend their time sunning themselves and shopping for things while drinking fine ales and tipples. It was here that Ralph Lauren started honing his skills as a designer. He then moved from New York to Los Angeles where he became known as a clothing manufacturer, and later, as the owner of both the Polo Ralph Lauren store and the Polo Ralph Lauren perfume shop.

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Celebrities and fashion designers surround Ralph Lauren, making him more well known in terms of his clothing. As such, his line has expanded into all areas of the fashion industry. His clothing can be found in department stores, boutiques, and even online where Ralph Lauren Menswear can be found from places such asĀ While it’s always important to know who is making the best products out there, no one has been able to corner the market on quality clothing like Ralph Lauren has. He’s a trendsetter, a designer, and a people magnet, all rolled into one.

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