7 Infallible Tricks To Meet Your Monthly Budget and Save

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Fulfilling your monthly budget is essential if you want to control your money, but seeing how the sum goes up in your savings account is not the only advantage: it will also give you unmatched peace of mind. Today we bring you 7 tricks to stick to your financial plan.

One of the first financial goals that you should overcome is to prepare a budget. It is the first step towards greater freedom and economic stability.

Taking stock of your expenses and income will not only help you have more control over your money, allowing you to save more, but it will also give you unmatched peace of mind.

Think about it: If you have planned absolutely all your expenses – including a section for contingencies – you can buy quietly as long as you know that you are within the established limit. On the other hand, if we spend blind we always have a feeling of guilt and the terrible uncertainty of whether we will arrive at the end of the month.

In addition, having a budget allows us to save money without giving up what we like the most. That you want to take care of your finances does not mean you cannot treat yourself to dinner once a week. The advantage of making a budget is that it allows you to organize yourself to reduce expenses of one party, and invest them in another. In this way we can save without being frustrating or depressing.

Monthly Budget and Save

However, making the budget is not the hardest part – you can do it comfortably in Excel – what is really complicated is to fulfill it. Therefore, today we bring you 7 infallible tricks to stick to your budget, your pocket and mind will thank you.

1) Be realistic

It’s no use proposing to spend x amount per month on dinner out if you end up spending twice as much. Be honest with yourself and find a middle ground.

2) Create a social calendar

When preparing your budget keep in mind what special events you have that month: from birthdays, to weddings or the office party. Include them in the expenses that you are going to incur.

3) Plan your weekly menu

These quick and frequent visits to the supermarket are the enemy of your budget. Avoid planning your weekly menu (preferably using this method to save) and stick to it. You will only buy and use the ingredients in the list.

4) Give yourself a weekly allowance

Just like your parents did when you were little, or in the same way you do with your children today. Seeing exactly how much money you have left for the next 7 days will help you manage it better. Also, you will avoid spending all the money in the first week of the month.

5) Use the envelope method

Take your money from the cashier and put it in envelopes. Each category will have an envelope: supermarket, transport, leisure, etc. If you can divide these expenses into weeks, the better.

6) Find a finance partner

Having the pressure of another person will definitely help you save. Find someone who has an attitude towards money similar to you and share your financial goals. Then, every week, follow up by sharing your progress. The motivation and support of your finance partner will help you stick to your budget.

7) Use the technique of the unknown

Every time you go to buy something imagine that a stranger gives you the option to choose between the product, and the money that is worth that product. What would you choose? If you would opt for the money, you already have it in your pocket. This will help you resist the temptation to skip your budget.

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