Cutting your Operational Costs as a Transport Business

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When running a transport company, you will know there are a lot of expenses to pay for. One of the largest of these is of course fuel. When you are running a fleet of vehicles, whether you have a couple or over fifty, one of the main concerns is making sure that you keep costs of fuel as low as possible. Here are a couple of ways to do that…

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Route Planning – Getting the most from the vehicle is important, and when you send vehicles out on deliveries or collections you want them to be able to do the job as economically as possible. This is where route planning comes in. It is worth investing in a good transport manager to ensure that routes are well planned and that there is no wasted mileage, but you can also buy software which can help you with this. Covering certain areas on certain days is another good way to make sure that you are really getting the most from your vehicles and the fuel.

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Using a Company Fuel Card – There are many different fuel cards available like this BP Fuel card for example and these are a great way to save money on fuel and also allows you to monitor how much fuel is being used. The biggest benefit of using fuel cards is that they offer a reduced rate on fuel, which then of course means that as a business you save money!

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