Six Best Android Navigators

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You have to face a long journey but don’t you know precisely the way and the path to follow? Are you going to move to a new city and don’t know how to move?

Your faithful smartphone is ready to help you!

There are so many so many Apps (free or not) dedicated to navigation that choosing which to use in the end is just a matter of taste.

In this guide I’ll show you the best Android navigators currently available, so you can choose only the best that current technology offers.

The vast majority of the reported apps also offer free navigators: this will be reported as an additional feature if present in the app.

Note: To take advantage of the reported Apps, it is advisable to activate the localization on your Android device, even better if set in High precision mode.

Below in the article you will find the best free android navigators and the best paid android navigators divided in a precise and orderly way.

Moreover for each of them it is specified if the navigator can work only online, or need for an internet connection or if it can work also offline so as to give you the possibility to choose even in the absence of an internet tariff plan on your sim or in absence or scarce telephone signal, to choose an offline browser.

The Best Free Android Navigators

Waze (online navigator)

Best Android Navigators

Among the best Android navigators we could only start with Waze, the “social” GPS navigator.

In fact, the social component plays a central role within the app:

Walking through the streets, the app records and improves existing maps, including points of interest and possible detours encountered along the way.

While using the app you can interact with other users, clearly visible on the map, and receive real-time alerts on: accidents, sudden traffic, checkpoints, speed cameras, lane restrictions and any other useful information.

But with Waze you can also have fun, sharing your journey or your itineraries with friends.

In addition to the social component, the Waze app is very precise in the calculation of the routes and in the coupling of the GPS satellites, it loads the new maps dynamically and is quite simple to use even at the wheel (even if I advise you to “joke” with the social part only with the car stopped!).

Due to its great integration with other users, Waze does not currently offer offline browsing, so to use it an Internet connection and a sufficiently wide offer by the operator (at least 4 GB a month) is mandatory.

Google Maps (online and offline browser)

Best Android Navigators

The default navigation app on all Android smartphones!

Google Maps owes its fame to updated maps, Street View (which allows you to get down to street level with 360-degree shots), the precise route recalculation system and the most accurate points of interest / speed cameras available in a free app.

Also excellent is the real-time signaling of traffic trends:

If you see orange or red lines appear on the road, you can change the route time to save you from being trapped in traffic.

Maps allows you to browse even without an Internet connection:

To use this feature, just download a part of the map we are interested in before the trip, which will be saved locally.

To download the maps, simply open the left side menu and tap on offline maps.

Now select Local area to download the map of the area you frequent most often or manually select the area to download using the Select your map item.

You cannot select an area larger than 50 x 50 km, but there is no limit to the number of downloadable maps, so downloading various panels you can download the entire map (if the space on the device allows it).

HERE WeGo (online and offline browser)

Best Android Navigators

Which of the best Android browsers is the app that stands out for offline browsing?

Without a shadow of a doubt HERE WeGo, which took the (heavy) legacy of HERE Maps (owned by the old Nokia).

The maps used by HERE are very precise, with 3D details on the most famous monuments and indications on new unique ways or prohibitions.

If you are looking for an app that can provide you with accurate directions even when you are not connected to the Internet, HERE deserves an opportunity.

To download the offline maps just open the app, show the left sidebar, check the item Use offline app and finally use the Download maps item.

In the new window that appears you can save the map or maps on the device memory by clicking on the Download maps button.

Local maps, national maps and international maps are available, all updated and free.

MAPS.ME (online and offline browser)

Best Android Navigators

We close this list of the best free Android browsers with this excellent browser, which offers free, fast, detailed and entirely offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation, maps updated every day by millions of OpenStreetMap (OSM) contributors. OSM is an open-source alternative to Google Maps and Apple Maps.

To download the maps that interest you, in the main interface, click on the bottom right, on the “three horizontal dashes” and then on “download maps” as shown in the image below.

At this point you can choose the region or state for which to download the maps, you can download one individually or all by clicking below “Download all”,

The Best Paid Android

TomTom (online and offline browser)

Best Android Navigators

TomTom has been synonymous with satellite navigation for decades, and fame has also spilled over to the app available for Android.

Among the privileges of the app we cannot fail to mention:

Fixed and mobile speed cameras always up to date, detailed 2D maps with precise directions in the turns, 3D maps with reconstructions of famous buildings and monuments and real-time updates on traffic, queues and checkpoints.

The app is designed for prevalent use in offline mode, in fact from the first start it will ask us to download a map.

Make sure you have enough space on your smartphone or microSD and download the map that interests you by tapping on the name.

The app can be downloaded for free, but only offers a maximum of kilometers that can be used in a month; to use it without limits, payment is required.

If the mileage offered for free is sufficient for your purposes, you can use it for free forever!

Sygic (online and offline browser)

Best Android Navigators

Another commercial app that boasts a good number of users among the best Android navigators is Sygic, one of the oldest in the Google Play Store.

It uses the same maps as TomTom but integrates some useful features such as sharing the route and the route on the most popular social networks or chats, navigation through voice commands, active radar on traffic and incidents plus sound alerts on speed limits.

From the first start Sygic will immediately ask us to download a map, to be used for offline browsing (always available).

If during the journey you should lose your connection, the navigator will use the offline map to take you to your destination.

The app is free with some basic features always available, but you can try the Premium features for free for 7 days.

If you are satisfied after the trial days, you can purchase a lifetime subscription.

Few Other Best Android Navigators

So far you have seen the best Android navigators for the number of downloads and appreciations of the users who have tried them.

But there are other Android Apps that you can try to browse on smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system, even with completely offline navigation systems.

Here they are:

  • Directions Ltd
  • Navigon (Garmin)
  • OsmAnd
  • GPS Navigation
  • Maps: Navigation, traffic, GPS
  • Navfree

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