How You Can Report Cyber-Bullying

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It is very easy to know how you can report cyber bullying. The first thing that you have to do is to see if it is really cyber bullying. What is cyber bullying? It is when one person posts hurtful messages of another person in front of their peers using various methods like instant messaging, emails, social media platforms and other types of communication tools that are widely available on the internet today.

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When you know that cyber-bullying is taking place in your school or in your community, you can take certain actions. First off, you should inform your school authorities about the situation. Make sure that the head of the school is informed and come and visit you in person as soon as possible. You also want to talk to the parents of your fellow students who may also be victims of cyber bullying. Let them know what you are doing so that they can do the same.

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Once the head of the school or the local police officials know about this, they should coordinate with the local law enforcement agency so that an investigation will be launched. They will try to gather concrete evidence of the cyber bullying which include the posters, SMS and other communication tools used by the bullies. If you think that you are being cyber bullied in any other places, you can use the internet to help you reach out to cyber bullying support groups online. There are many cyber bullying support groups that you can join online. You should never keep the problem inside your own home because you might feel embarrassed and even worse, you might end up hurting yourself or others. When you buy a new phone from a Vodafone Store Ireland it might be an idea to discuss the security options. Go to to find out more.


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