How to Plan your Garden Decking

Now is a good time to get on with all those odd jobs in the garden, to prepare for the winter, and it is also a good time to do some garden projects, ready for you and the family to enjoy next year. Adding a decking area to a garden has become popular over recent years with good reason – it creates a versatile area that is great for entertaining, a clearly separate space in the garden that you might want separated from kids playing, and flowerbeds for example, and it is also very easy to care for and low maintenance.

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Decking is great because you can basically design it to your own personal requirements, so whatever the size and shape of the garden you will be able to find a layout that suits you. If you are planning on adding decking to your garden it is a good idea to first have a think about how you envisage it looking. Measure up any garden furniture that you want to put on there to make sure it fits well, and you can even have a look at other gardens with decking for inspiration.

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It is also something that is easy enough to do yourself, you don’t need to be an expert – you can get the materials from somewhere like this Salisbury Timber Merchants and you will just need a few tools to put it all together.

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