A Beginners Guide to Layering Menswear Basics

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Layering is trendy for men right now and the style has been seen on catwalks all over the globe. If you want to adopt this style, read this beginner’s guide to layering menswear.

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The best way to layer is from the bottom layer up. A well-cut base layer such as a mens Ralph Lauren T shirts from EJ Menswear will mean that the layers on top will sit better, and you will look more stylish.

You need to consider the layers you are wearing because you are likely to take off the top layers if you go from a cold to a warm environment, so you need to make sure that you look good.

Middle Layer

Your middle layer is likely to vary depending on where you are going. You may need a formal shirt and tie for work, or you could wear a casual shirt for a date or a night out with the lads. A long-sleeved top is a terrific way of layering, as this on top of a t-shirt will help to keep you warm whatever the occasion.


A sweater is a fantastic top layer as they are designed to keep you warm. Also, a sweatshirt over a pair of jeans will look casual and unfussy.

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A V-neck jumper is a great way to layer a more formal outfit, as you can still see your tie under it so you will look smart and professional, whilst staying warm.
If you are looking for a style that is somewhere in the middle of casual and formal, then a crew-neck jumper will look perfect worn over a shirt. This is a great image idea if you work in a less formal office, or you are not sure where the evening will take you. This smart-causal style gives you the best of both worlds.


A coat is an important layer for the winter. A long cashmere is a perfect way to keep cosy if you are dressing up as they are well-designed, well-made and they always look elegant. We recommend that you opt for a dark colour such as navy or black.

A fleece jacket will look great over a pair of jeans, and they are easy to take on and off depending on the temperature.

Follow this style guide if you want to look fabulous in layers this winter.

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