How the mobile phone would ruin old films

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Classic films are still as popular as they ever were. However, a modern audience watching one may be asking themselves that many of the situations they find themselves in could easily be resolved if they’d had a mobile phone. All that the characters would need to do is go on to and they could be into a  Vodafone Carrick-on-Channon store and picking out a new one in no time. Here are some examples.

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  1. Halloween. Jamie Lee Curtis is stuck in the house with the serial killer and all-around indestructible psychopath Michael Myers.  A quick text to someone or a call to the local police and Myers is back in custody being led away by Donald Pleasance.
  2. Any film where someone is lost. With the use of Google maps, it’s pretty much assured that you’ll get some idea of where you are anywhere in the world.
  3. Audiences don’t believe the “lack of signal” excuse anymore. One of the first things that emergency services insisted on was that it didn’t matter who the mobile provider was, there should be an emergency blanket coverage over the whole country to call the Police, Ambulance Fire or Coastguard service.

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  1. Phones have torches now. That would have been very useful in lots of cases.
  2. Any film where someone needs to prove their innocence. With a sound recorder and the ability to take photos or films, the evidence can be just a click away.

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