Moving into a granny flat to be with your children, now you are alone.

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Your children moved away from the area you live in and where they grew up, when they got married to start a new life by the coast in Devon several years ago.  Since then, you have been to visit them many times with your husband but sadly he passed away just over two years ago, and you have been living alone ever since. Although you are still a spritely eighty-eight-year-old, your children have been asking you to come and live with them since you had a fall six months ago.

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You have been using a stick to help with your walking ever since your fall and now feel it’s time to start using other useful Disability Aids supplied by a specialist company like to help you on a more day to day basis. You have agreed to move to Devon and will live in a self-contained granny flat that’s built onto the side of your daughter’s house.

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Your son lives close by, and they both have two children, so you will be able to see your four grandchildren daily.  The granny flat has everything you will need to live an independent life but as it is attached to your daughter’s home you can pop in to see them whenever you like. The bathroom has a walk-in-shower, low-level washbasin and toilet with grab rails, and the bedroom has a large single bed with rails to help you get in and out. The perfect location and new home for you to happily live out the rest of your life.

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