How Flooding Causes Damage to your Plumbing

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Flooding can cause a great deal of damage to a home in many places. The obvious damage that you can see from flooding, such as destroyed carpets and furniture is only a part of it. The drainage system and plumbing are an essential part of the home that can often succumb to damage when there is a flood.

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Something that can reduce your chances of having severe damage to your drainage systems during a flood is to ensure that your drains are in good health – for example, ensure that you are not putting anything into sinks or toilets that will likely clog a drain, such as oils and grease, nappies, or cotton wool (these are some of the most common culprits of blocked drains). It is also a good idea to get a professional like this drain lining surveys company, Wilkinson Environmental drain lining, to check your drains and ensure that they are all in good order. That way if there are blockages or if there is damage to the drain you can have it repaired. Flooding will only make the problem worse.

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Even if your drains are in good working order, severe flooding can still have a huge impact on them – here are some of the problems that flooding can cause for your drains…

Blockages – These are one of the most common results of a flood but are also one of the easier things to repair. Flood water can overload a drain and with it usually comes other things that are in it, such as leaves and other debris. If the drains are under the flood water, they are at most risk of blockages.

Damage to Exposed Pipework – Pipes that are connected to your drains will be likely to have been impacted by the flooding, especially if other parts of the drainage system has been damaged. If you suspect that there is damage, you should call a plumber – this may not be clear until the flood water has receded.

Underground Damage – This is usually something that happens when there has been flood water that has been standing for a while. The soil can become waterlogged making it heavier, and the weight of it can press down on the underground pipes and cause cracks and breakages to occur.

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