Adding a pond to your garden

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If you’re looking for something different in your garden, then a water feature is one of the best ways to do it. This can take on a variety of ways and presentations. A giant fountain with majestic nymphs cavorting around a statue of Aphrodite might be a little bit over the top. Some people are happy with frolicking otters, for example.  The answer may be that you have a simple nice pond. You will need to have the services of a Nottingham Mini Digger Hire, like that from, to actually dig the hole. If you don’t, you can find that the job takes an inordinate length of time. Especially if you just use shovels and spades.

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What can you put in the pond? You could just leave it as a clear pool for natural nature. Mayflies and Dragonflies could come. Frogs and toads would make their homes in it. Alternatively, you could invest in some carp or freshwater goldfish. You’ll need to be able to keep the fish inside alive during the winter months. Sometimes a ball will stop the water from freezing over. This should help the fish survive, along with feeding them regularly.

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If you have children, it’s a good idea not to have a pond straight away. If you do, it’s better to ensure that it’s sectioned off or make sure that everyone knows there is a pond there, and they should be careful around water, no matter how deep.

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