What Documents you Need When Buying a Property in the UK

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The process of buying a property is long and can be quite complex. In order to ensure that you are ready to embark on your house purchase, you will need to have certain documents that will allow you to proceed with it.

Some of these documents will be provided by your solicitor, and they are there to make sure that the purchase is legal and that the property is transferred into your name. These include things like the copy of the lease (if you are buying a leasehold property), a property information form that the seller completes (known as the TA6) which contains information that is useful to you about the property such as where to locate the stopcock and which boundary is your responsibility, and also the stamp duty receipt once you have paid it.

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Other documents are ones that you will need to provide. These include things like your identification that proves you are who you say you are such as a passport and driving licence, proof that you have the funds to buy the property (such as a mortgage offer) as well as proof of where your funds are coming from to purchase it.

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This is to ensure that you can go ahead with the purchase and also so that an AML ID check can be performed to make sure that you are not money laundering, as the UK property market is often favoured by money launderers.

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