How much do marketing plans cost?

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Marketing is a key part of any business’s success. Thus, investing in and reviewing your firm’s marketing plan should be an annual priority.

The type of marketing plan you may need to design and implement will depend on your business, sector and marketing and growth goals. When it comes to designing a marketing plan or strategy, it is always worth calling in professionals like marketing strategy consultants as they have the experience, specialist knowledge and contacts to create a campaign with maximum impact and value for money.

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Marketing strategy consultants are multi-disciplinary teams of experienced industry specialists, and trying to hire these skills in-house can be difficult and often not cost-efficient. Most marketing strategy consultants will also be able to help you understand emerging marketing trends in your sector.

A good marketing plan will usually include:

* Detailed analysis and market insight
* A content and materials audit
* Detailed analysis of your target audience and customers
* A social media strategy
* A detailed strategy to reach your goals.

But how much does it cost to create a good marketing plan?

Creating a marketing plan requires a lot of work and research. The price will reflect this and will also vary depending on your business needs and the level of detail you choose. It is advisable to obtain at least three quotes before you procure the services of a consultancy to see how prices and services compare. So really the answer is, how long is a piece of string?

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What to consider when hiring a consultancy to create a marketing plan

When discussing your needs with your marketing strategy consultants, you must have a clear idea of your business goals in order to guide the creation of a strategy that will meet them. Your marketing partner should set clear targets with you and will help you aim for something ambitious but also deliverable.

Your marketing partners should also assist you in understanding your target audience and ideal buyers. They should then help you make your advertising as appealing as possible to those groups.

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