Dealing with deliveries to and from your business

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Deliveries are inevitable in any business, whether this is regular post items coming into and out of your office or parcels that may involve products that you need or that you sell to your customers. One of the employees that are often tasked with dealing with deliveries is the receptionist and it is important that you have a process in place to avoid the parcels being stacked up next to the Reception Chairs thatyou purchased from, which would give a very bad impression of your company.

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Here are some ideas.

  • Have a dedicated place in your reception area where post and parcels that are ready to be collected are to be kept. This may be behind the reception desk or in a special cupboard. This will then allow for the receptionist to find the items quickly when the courier or postman arrives, but will not mean unsightly packages are left lying out for all your visitors to see.

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  • Setting a time for when all packages and post items are to be down with your receptionist for that day’s delivery will help all your employees to know what the process is and will also take some of the pressure off your receptionist having to deal with last minute items.
  • Franking machines are incredibly useful if you are sending out large amounts of letters and you can have this placed on your reception desk so that your receptionist can frank the mail as it comes down from your offices. It is also worth looking at investing in pigeon holes so that the incoming post can be separate out either by department or by person who is receiving the post item.

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