7 Not-So-Great Business Ideas in 2022

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It doesn’t take much for what once seemed a good

idea to turn into a bad business. Turning a blind eye on current and predicted market trends can cost you a failed business and bankruptcy. To prevent that from happening in 2022, we’re taking a look at the worst business ideas right now by the best online casino website.

It’s not that they’re really bad business ideas per se. It’s more about how the socio-economic situation is unsustainable to move on with their realisation. We’re sure that once our society gets rid of all social-distancing measures and fear of virus contagion these ideas won’t sound bad. However, in 2022 it’s wiser if you stay away from these bad business ideas.

Coffee Shop

It is another small business ideas that deals with selling of coffee at your house or rent shop, or in open environment and make daily income successfully. It is a funny business ideas.

Parking apps

It is another profitable business ideas or worst business ideas, the business is quite unique, parking apps will generate standard income successfully.


It is another worst business ideas that deals with entertaining guest with hard drink, they will have free movement and they will be able to dance successfully.

Limousine services

It is another profitable business ideas that deals with car, like lending out car to the right client successfully and earn in return.

Travel-related business

It is a business ideas that deals with arranging travel settings for the right client, successfully, the business is quite unique and will get you moderate income.


It is another moderate business ideas, that deal with cutting of hair, washing and dressing of hair in systematically settings, and earn on daily basis from the business.

Non-proprietary SaaS

It is another profitable business ideas that will generate more and meaningful income successfully.

Dog walking services

It is a another lucrative business ideas that is quite funny, the business is quite growing faster in western world, another ways to make a living from the business successfully, once you plan well and concentrate. It’s also fun like gamers love the games at https://www.casinoroar.com/

Events business

It is another smart business ideas that deals with organizing parties programmes for client who required the service, like the business deal with arranging and managing a social gathering event for the clients that need the service.

eStores for other brands

It is another profitable or worst business ideas that deals with selling various materials online, through your personal blog in other to make a cash.

Cake Decorator

It is another unique business ideas that deals with creating and decorating of cake for the right client that need the services.


It is another profitable business ideas, once you are a good musician the business is quite profitable, as long as you can read you will earn enough from the business.

Book Seller

The business is a funny business ideas that deals with selling of various unique books, that carries unique contents that can save life successfully.


It is another bad worst business ideas that deals with creating unique videos on a niche subject or topic, and upload the video to YouTube to earn cash systematically.

Computer Setup Provider

It is another profitable business ideas that deals with computer setup and provider systematically, the business will fetch constant income if you focus on the business successfully.

Seasonal Decorator

It is another profitable business ideas or seasonal business ideas that deal with offering the service of decoration to the right homes during the time of holiday season.

Costume Maker

It is a business ideas that deals with producing costume for film makers, for special festival, holiday season etc. The business is quite profitable and unique.

Greeting Card Maker

It is another business opportunities for funny bad entrepreneurs, greeting Card is quite very important in life of individuals during their day of birth, wedding anniversary, etc.

Soap Maker

It is another worst business ideas that will be generating daily income steadily, the business need little capital as a starter, and other.

Car Wash Service Operator

It is another simple business ideas that require less capital as a starter, the business is profitable and quite unique, the business deal with washing of cars and other.

Balloon Artist

It is another funny business idea that will sell faster in the seasonal period, where by you design balloon and sell them at right spot.

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