Suzuki ViRus 1000: The supernaked sport with which Suzuki does not dare

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Suzuki has a lack of spark lately. The Hamamatsu brand is not experiencing its most exciting moment precisely and it is leaving us with a bittersweet flavor to which we are fond of the Japanese firm. That’s why there are always unilateral initiatives that make our lives happy as in this case.

What you see in these images is called Suzuki ViRus 1000 and is an independent creation of a Swiss workshop to put on the table the naked black paw of more than 200 HP that today does not have Suzuki in its catalog.

Suzuki ViRus 1000

ViRus 1000: 200 HP sports supernaked

During the last years the catalog of Suzuki has remained somewhat decaffeinated. The Hamamatsu brand seems to go a little behind the market, offering content with not too much pull and whose biggest novelties in recent years have been the rebirth of the Suzuki Katana patiendo of the base of the Suzuki GSX-S1000 and the Suzuki SV650X.

Suzuki dealers lack motorcycles with claw, character and daring, so to meet the gap that remains above the Suzuki GSX-S1000 Swiss Moto virus specialists have been put to work to offer what the firm Japanese does not dare to market.

Suzuki ViRus 1000

Having made a similar experiment back in 2011, they have taken the Suzuki GSX-R1000 as their starting point to create the Suzuki ViRus 1000. They have undressed the Japanese supercar completely, they have created a new mask for the lighthouse, keeping the light signature and installing new side panels as well as a wide handlebar.

The result is a sports supernaked capable of competing against other motorcycles of the size of the KTM 1290 Super Duke R, Yamaha MT-10 or Aprilia Tuono V4 1100, because it keeps intact the four-cylinder engine in line with variable distribution and maximum power of 202 CV.

Suzuki ViRus 1000

Otherwise everything continues as in sports. Apart from the aesthetic section, the electronics with traction control, ABS and driving modes are still present, as well as the advanced suspensions with Showa material on both axes (BFF front and BFRC behind), a robust aluminum chassis and the guarantee of very strong emotions.

The price to change in euros of this Suzuki ViRus 1000 is just over 19,000 dollars to which we should add the Akrapovic exhaust that can be seen in the photos, but as they have done this preparation in the hands of Suzuki Switzerland they have managed to If it remains intact, it is the factory guarantee.

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