Tips on boosting your online conversion rate

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If you have set up an e-commerce store, optimised it, marketed it and checked you have added all the necessary elements, it is now time to consider whether you are getting the best possible conversions.

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1. Make sure there is a phone number on display

Surprisingly, research shows that many customers want the option of speaking with someone at your store before they make a purchase. Show that there is a customer service function in place. You can also implement a chatbot.

2. Use HTML banner ads

Quality HTML banner ads will help direct qualified traffic from other websites and from any partner sites you have, helping the flow of traffic to your website. HTML banner ads can become a source of additional income for your business once your e-commerce site grows.

3. Offer plenty of shipping options

The more flexibility you can offer with shipping, the better. Customers like to have choices, so next-day delivery and low-cost standard deliveries are both good options.

4. Show that your site is secure

Customers want to know that their payment information will be secure. Highlight this by showing the relevant security information and flagging your security processes and credentials.

5. Include reviews and testimonials

Again, customers want to have trust in a website, so include customer testimonials and reviews that show how strong the quality of your site is. This can be a very powerful strategy for boosting conversions.

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6. Optimise your checkout process

The speedier and smoother your website checkout process, the better for your conversions. Make the checkout process slick and error-free and you will ensure your customers complete their transactions rather than abandoning their carts midway.

Which steps will you focus on for better website conversions in 2024?

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