Seven luxury hotels for travelers who do not need to look at the bill

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Luxury tourism is an interesting sector of tourism, and although in general we publish more reports and articles about destinations to which we can all go, today I wanted to show you seven luxury hotels for travelers who do not need to look at the bill.

In times, travel was a privilege reserved for the upper classes and the democratization of tourism with low-cost travel and hotels, hostels and hostels has not made disappear that high-quality tourism, in a concept similar to that with respect to fashion for all or pret a porter.

The publication of the luxury hotels awarded by TripAdvisor has allowed us to see some of the best and most luxurious hotels in the world, to which we have added others selected by us. Any of these seven luxury hotels, is ideal to rest a few days, both for its services and facilities as for its location.

Luxury villas, immense rooms, spa and massage services, exclusive activities for clients and the best gastronomy are some of the privileges for those who stay in these hotels.

1. Hotel Baros in Maldives

luxury hotels

The Paradisiacal Maldives, become a dream place for all lovers of the sea, underwater life and tranquil sunrises and sunsets, in a luxury hotel perfect for your enjoyment.

2. Kayakapi Caves in Cappadocia, Turkey

luxury hotels

Beyond the beauty of Cappadocia and its beautiful caves, or the images of flying over them in a balloon, the luxury of this wonderful hotel invites you to make a break or retreat there for a few weeks, disconnecting from the rest of the world.

3. Riad Kheirredine in Marrakech

Listed as the best Riad in Marrakech, the Keirredine is the perfect place to feel the luxury and pleasure of the hospitality of Muslim countries. In the most cosmopolitan city of Morocco, it has a luxurious hammam or spa, restaurants and everything to make your guests feel like never before.

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4. Hotel Rosewood Mayakoba in Mexico

Located in the popular area of Quintana Roo in Playa del Carmen, it has a beach of more than one km of white sands, located in an area of nature reserved for its guests. Swimming pools, golf courses, activities for the lodged travelers and all a luxury of facilities and dream rooms, complete an experience reserved for the privileged who come to this luxury hotel.

5. Mandapa Ritz in Bali, Indonesia

The concept of Asian luxury comes true at this Ritz Carlton hotel, located in Ubud, Bali. A great climate, a great service of massages and relaxation, luxurious and spacious rooms and landscapes as exotic as gastronomy, make this hotel ideal for romantic getaways.

6. Hotel Cantera in Shanghai, China

We know about this underground hotel in an old quarry when it was just a project and, it will undoubtedly be worthy to enter the list of Trip Advisor of the next ones years.

7. Great English Hotel of Madrid

To complete this list we have included the Gran Hotel Inglés in Madrid, which we talked about recently since it is the oldest luxury hotel in Madrid and has reopened its doors after its remodeling.

Luxury Hotels

We cannot always visit a hotel of this level, in our vacations, but sometime in life, we all want to spend a few days or at least one night in one of these seven luxury hotels, or in similar ones, to experience the quality of the service, towels, sheets and pillows, or their unbeatable locations. Recognize it, would not you like to try it?

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