Six ways to wear an Oxford shirt

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Oxford shirts have long been popular for all kinds of different occasions due to their versatility. Here are six different ways to wear an Oxford shirt to create a stylish look.

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1. With a suit

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After working from home for so long, people are looking for less formal workwear for their return to the office. Many want to look smart but not too formal and an Oxford shirt is an ideal shirt in this instance. Although not the conventional choice with a suit, Oxford shirts with a button-down collar make for a less formal look for work with a suit. This look works particularly well with a more casual style suit.

2. Under a jumper

You might think it’s a shame to cover up, but Oxford shirts look stylish under a V-neck sweater for a smart but casual look. The heavy weave of an Oxford shirt means the jumper can take knitwear over the top, opt for a mid to heavy gauge knit to create the right balance.

3. With chinos

Mens Ralph Lauren Oxford shirts have an innate preppiness, and an Oxford shirt paired with chinos creates the ultimate timeless preppy look. Stick to neutral chinos, which look fantastic with a white or navy Oxford shirt.

4. With shorts

Shorts can be difficult to style, but adding an oxford shirt elevates a pair of everyday shorts from simple beachwear to a more refined summer look. The sleeves can always be rolled/folded up for relaxed look in warm weather.

5. With blue jeans

The definitive look for an oxford shirt has to be paired with jeans. Crisp white mens Ralph Lauren Oxford shirts are just calling out to be matched with a pair of blue jeans, creating a simple, clean and classic look. Tuck in for a smarter look, or leave untucked for a casual and relaxed outfit.

6. Over a T-shirt

Throw on an Oxford shirt over the top of a T-shirt for the perfect casual look. Leave the shirt completely open, or do up a few buttons to show the T-shirt beneath but ensure the shirt is nicely fitted to keep a nice silhouette.

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