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Are you feeling the pinch? Making your home energy efficient could help you save hundreds of pounds in gas and electricity. Here’s how:

Switch Supplier

You might be surprised to learn that switching energy suppliers is easier than you thought. Switching to a new energy provider can help many homes save money, especially if it’s been three years since they did. Making that switch has saved many households hundreds of pounds.

Contact your provider to ensure you are on the best tariff. Dual-fuel deals are often better, but if you’re willing to have separate suppliers for gas and electricity you can save even more.

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Choose energy-efficient appliances

Replace old appliances when they need to be replaced with more energy efficient ones. The cost of running a washing machine can be as high as £80 per year. You can save the same amount by buying energy-efficient televisions, fridges and tumble dryers.

Choose sustainable options

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Keep draughts away

Why heat your home when the heat escapes through small gaps? Consider replacing your old windows with new energy-saving double or triple glazing.

You could save up to £50 per year by adding draught-proof strips around the doors and draught-excluders on the bottom. You can even draught-proof your loft hatch, letterbox or even a fireplace or chimney if it’s not being used.

Reduce the thermostat

Did you know that lowering your thermostat just by 1 degree could save you up to £90 per year? You won’t be accused of being frugal if you wear a sweater rather than turn up the heat. It’s a good idea and you shouldn’t notice a difference. Consider turning down the radiators in areas of your home that are less frequently used. Close the doors to any rooms you don’t use and turn off all radiators. Why waste energy?

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By improving the insulation of your walls and attic, you could save as much as £300. Insulating your loft and walls will reduce heat loss through the roof. If you already have insulation in place, you can save more money by increasing it to the 270mm recommended thickness if your current insulation is only 120mm.

Get Free Cash

Find out if you are eligible for some freebies. There are many schemes available, including money off your electricity bill and grants for new boilers. There may be eligibility criteria, but it is worth checking to see if you are eligible for anything.

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